#27 Reflections: Somedays I Want To Know

2 min readJan 13, 2022

It’s funny how there are so many books and videos that talk about overcoming the fear of failure. About taking the leap and going for that dream you’ve always had. About realising that failing is what leads to success. About how failing for your dream is always better than succeeding in the mediocre.

But there’s not much help out there to figure out what your dream is, is there?

Are most people born with dreams they want to accomplish? Do most people know what they want from life but decide to push it away only because it’s not financially secure or viable?

Because for me the only reason I am in the job I am at is because I dont know what my dream is.

I have the drive to take the jump. I have the passion to fail and get back up again but I am clueless where to take this jump.

This is like the behind the scenes of an older blog post ‘its ok to not know’. Because although I remind myself it’s ok to not know. Somedays it’s harder than others.

Somedays I want to know.

The parts of the seerah before prophethood came to Prophet (pbuh) intrigue me now. How did our Nabi (saw) live his life before Allah gave him his calling?

He was someone who kept a close connection with his Lord, staying for long periods in solitude.

But he (pbuh) did a lot of the normal things that life requires us to do. He had a job, got married, had children.

But he wasn’t someone who was just another trader. He was known for his skill and integrity in his job.

But he wasn’t just a husband and father. He was someone who was adored by his wife and children.

He was also an active member of his community, chosen to be part of the council of the Quraysh.

He was someone who was loved and respected by all, to the point that even opposing tribes were ready to take advice from him (like in the incident of the rebuilding of the kaabah).

It all comes back to the same thing.

Until he (pbuh) was chosen for prophethood, what he did was be the best version of a human possible. He was a true worshipper to his Creator and in constant service to his people.

Worship and service.

It reminds me of the constant repetition of the phrase ‘establish the prayer and give zakaah’ in the Quran. A constant reminder to the believer.

I guess that is what I must work on then.




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