#23 Reflections: Steps To Get Khushu In Life

What does it mean to be present in my daily activites?

To basically have khushu in everything I do in my day.

1. To plan my day the night before

When I don’t know what needs doing in the day or what commitments I have, I constantly find myself thinking about what needs to be done next.

2. To brain dump more

Other things I find myself thinking about when I’m standing to wash dishes usually revolve around things I’m worried about, from a bad conversation I had with a friend to something, to a stressful day at work, to something about the future.

3. To dedicate slots of time to listening to podcasts

If I’m doing a mundane task like laundry or I’m at the gym, I always tend to put on a podcast. There’s many posdcasts I enjoy but don’t have the time to dedicate soley to it.

4. To begin each act with intentions

It’s easy to just move from one task to another while your brain is floating in another place all together. A lot of the time it’s because we’re on autopilot just repeating the motions. Ii think one way to break this is to begin each act with an intention.

5. To do more mindful dhikr

There is wisdom behind having the various daily duas we were taught as children as part of our routines.



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I write to make sense of the world, to make sense of myself. Instagram: @neemu.reads